Diesel Oil Change

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Heavy Duty Diesel Oil Change

Are you changing your diesel oil every 3000 miles? Regular oil change extends your engine life and gives you peak vehicle performance. Stop by today to get your diesel oil changed. We also do oil filter replacements and related services. 

We Carry Rotella and Amsoil 

Rotella is the only diesel engine oil that is priced at $75.99 with a filter. It comes with up to 10 quarts. For more than 10 quarts, it's priced at $4.50 per quart. You can also opt for Amsoil diesel engine oil which is approved by GM Dexos1. 
  • 5w40 full synthetic - $5.50 per quart 
  • Rotella T6 540 full synthetic - $95.99

Lowest Oil Change Price in Town

At Oil X Change, we're proud of the fact that our prices are cheaper than anyone else in Rantoul, IL. The professionals at our family owned and operated business know a lot about cars. You can expect personalized service when you visit us.         

Call Us for FREE Estimates on Diesel Oil Change:

Oil X Change is located at 400 E Champaign Ave. Rantoul, IL. Drive in for diesel oil change.
"They provide great customer service and do a great job. My whole family goes to them." - Chris Flynn

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